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This is the village where Flip Flop Dot used to live.
It's called Ightham (pronounced Item) and is just up the road from where we now live.
It has attracted some interesting people in its time including television presenters and famous crime writers. Property is expensive and all I could ever afford would be a caravan in one of the many cobnut orchids in the area

Photograph taken with my Sony Xperior X telephone and posted in quite a large resolution to see how it displays. Not as good as @John Munt photos of course.

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@Daniel Bierstedt Eine gute Idee ist es, die eigenen Profile Tags entsprechend zu setzen. am besten deutsch und englisch. Dann auch posts damit zu taggen, wenn sie zum Thema passen.
In deiner Box landen zunächst nur Themen die deine User getagged und die deine box selber getagged hat. So ist das in allen Boxen.
Wenn du also fleißig gute Tags benutzt, erreichts du mehr Gleichgesinnte und die finden dich auch besser.

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The love the look of dormant plants poking out of the snow. #photo #photos #photography #mywork #maine #winter
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