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ich fühl mich outcalled! :P

Anschläge in Sri Lanka: Zunehmende Verfolgung von Christen?

Nach den Anschlägen in Sri Lanka haben Politiker vor Christenverfolgung gewarnt. Im Netz wird behauptet, das Thema werde verschwiegen. Experten sehen ein wachsendes Problem - und mahnen zur Differenzierung. Von Patrick Gensing.

#Quote of the Day
When I was CIA Director, we had entire training courses on how to lie, cheat and steal.
  • Mike Pompeo
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ivan zlax hubzilla (AP)
That looks like a "smoking gun" link, but in these days of 'deep fake' videos, it's hard to know what is really true.
In any case, deep fake technology is monopolized by the United States. No one except the IT giants controlled by the State Department and the NSA could have made such a high-quality fake. If this is a deep fake - then this is some sort of exposure of yourself i think.
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No, I do not think it's a deep fake. I'm only pointing out that it's hard to be sure these days. On the other hand, recently it seems there is no longer much effort to hide the corruption in politics, so Pompeo very likely did make that quote.

@Max Strube ...and what is the problem? isn't it a legit question? :-)
Learn how human beings actually function would be my advice.

Bedbound commander


Human and robotic exploration image of the week: bedrest study participants test their spacecraft piloting skills

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Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, in other words, none at all
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@Andrea Borgia "Bewitching Overly Eager Industrious Necromancers Group"

Jour J-4

Rien de tel qu'un instant câlin pour se ressourcer pendant les préparatifs de l'opération "L'Ain de ferme en ferme".
Si vous souhaitez rencontrer Gribouille, l'Âne à Nath vous ouvre ses portes samedi 27 et dimanche 28 avril.
Venez découvrir l’élevage, le travail avec les ânes ainsi que ma façon de fabriquer à la main et en saponification à froid des savons à 30% de lait d’ânesse.

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On Henry Kissinger's failed speech at New York University and Conservatism at colleges

1. The Bulwark:

In the ‘60s, it was the revolutionary counterculture and the rise of the New Left. Today, it is the scourge of identity politics and the attendant intersectionality, trigger warnings, among other signs of radical left dominance among students and faculty alike.
I wouldn't call it the radical left but the whimpy left. This has got nothing to do with radicalism but rather with emotionalism. You simply have to tell them that when they can't stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen. Something like that.
Still, you shouldn't give somebody like Milo a stage, at least not at campus. He's got nothing to do with politics but only with populism. and colleges should not be the place to promote populism. I was fine with Jordan Peterson, but Milo crosses a line of decency.
Student groups invite conservative speakers ranging from the reasonable to the incendiary to campus and then sit back and wait for the inevitable protests. They call out left-wing professors who silence dissent.
True. Once the whimpy left shut down each Conservative voice, the right didn't care anymore who they invited because it didn't matter in terms of protesters who are going to counter his or her attendance.
Conservatives can mock Obama for having been a “community activist” all they want – at least the left understands the importance of the local. Read through the aims of many a left-wing group on campus and you’ll see an intense focus on forming local groups and alliances, on strengthening community, on stuff normal people can contribute to and appreciate. Conservatives can, at best, offer scintillating intellectual debate on high principle and occasional voting advice.
Funnily, I always thought that Conservatives were the people who cared most for local affairs. Yet in the end, the very opposite seems to be the case.

2. National Review:

Murray had written in a book that racial differences in intelligence might to some extent be hereditary. Former NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly supported the “racist” stop-and-frisk policy. And Peter Thiel was forced to leave a 2014 speech at UC Berkeley by students shouting “No police state!” and “Black lives matter!” But it’s not clear what the students thought Mr. Thiel had to do with any of that.
The first one is inarguably racist when he thinks that you could differ someone's intellect regarding his origin, we've been through race biology before and have proven it wrong. Why bring it up again? As for the second one, the stop-and-frisk policy is not inherently racist, but when this policy comes into action, those who are going to become targeted the most by it are people of minority origins, those who look non-white. It's not the policy but those who are told to execute it.
As for Peter Thiel, I don't get this either. He's a douche, no doubt, but what they shouted truly doesn't match up. I guess that some of them didn't know who's walking there.
But the students who object so strenuously to Kissinger’s “war crimes” are the same students who wear Che Guevara t-shirts and quote Mao. They do not criticize (or are unaware of) North Vietnam’s mass-murder campaign following the American withdrawal.
Oh God, do they really quote Mao? I own a small pocketbook with quotes of his, but would never tend to quote him publicly. Maybe in my blog when it matches what I write, but even this would be a scarce encounter. He's simply too brutal to enhance one's reader, he functions like a scarecrow.
And this is an exceptionally, almost disarmingly naïve approach. I recently learned how a liberal friend of mine from New York was shocked to discover, on a visit to a Middle Eastern country that wasn’t Israel, that to be publicly identifiable as a Jew was not just unwise but could actually be dangerous. It had not occurred to him that a universal acceptance of other cultures was not itself a universal value.
Holy hell, which road did we take in development of university campuses?

3. Hermann Herald:

This grotesque and ahistorical attack is by no means the first. In the 2016 presidential campaign, independent socialist candidate Bernie Sanders attacked Hilary Clinton for being a friend of “Kissinger, the war criminal of Cambodia.”
Sometimes I wonder which role figures like Hillary Clinton (in the Bush administration) and Henry Kissinger (in Vietnam, Cambodia, and so on) played, and whether one doesn't do them wrong when calling them out this way.
I feel some responsibility for the Cambodia part of such attacks. Almost 40 years ago, in 1979, I published a book called “Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia.” It was a tough book, based on thousands of pages of U.S. government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and hundreds of interviews. Its argument was that massive U.S. bombing and other careless Nixon-Kissinger White House policies toward Cambodia had created the conditions in which the genocidal communist Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975.
Oh, ok, they may have gotten a point there, I leave this to them.
I do not agree with everything that Kissinger has done, and I imagine there are decisions that he too regrets. But he is an extraordinary man who deserves respect. He came to the U.S. in 1938 as a 15-year-old exile from Nazi Germany, and returned there to fight the Nazis as a young GI in 1944. He wrote to his parents, “I feel proud and happy to be able to enter here as a free American soldier.”

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We Need to Fix Campus Conservatism

Jour J-4

Rien de tel qu'un instant câlin pour se ressourcer pendant les préparatifs de l'opération "L'Ain de ferme en ferme".
Si vous souhaitez rencontrer Gribouille, l'Âne à Nath vous ouvre ses portes samedi 27 et dimanche 28 avril.
Venez découvrir l’élevage, le travail avec les ânes ainsi que ma façon de fabriquer à la main et en saponification à froid des savons à 30% de lait d’ânesse.

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Ich bin ein Saugroboter, keine Waage

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Das Schild zu lesen ist wohl Teil der Therapie.

When I was a student an 'anti-vaxer' was someone who bought Sparcstations.

What Jon Snow did.
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You get the same thing from fluoroscopy. Then you get leukemia.
Bent his knee?

OK, before my bandwidth disappears for a bit... one last featured song from my Swamp-Driving Music playlist. Been through it a few too many times now, but standing out is the amazing Clapton/Winwood concert (live at MSG).

I'd been thinking of the individual skills/sounds of Clapton (Cream, etc.) and Winwood (Traffic, etc.). But one of the most unique, amazing albums of the classic rock era (like The Wall, Tommy, and Sgt. Pepper) was IMM, Blind Faith. And the two principals just happen to be these guys, playing their parts of their song, live here. Pretty amazing, really (IMHO). Maybe timely too.

Had to Cry Today - "Blind Faith" (Clapton & Winwood Live)

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WikiLeaks outs gay people in Saudi Arabia in ‘reckless’ mass data dump

Pretty sure this is going to end badly for people who have been outed. Can we now stop referring to Assange as a persecuted "journalist"?

#WikiLeaks #Assange #SaudiArabia #LGBTQ
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dt diaspora
This is why Assange must be free....
He can be both a reckless troll and a persecuted journalist. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Die haben meinen größten Respekt

Über den Zaun steigt so schnell niemand drüber

Schön bleiben lassen, sonst kommt er durch den Bifröst

Das volle Verwöhnprogramm

So mitfühlend

Kopfkino statt normalem Kino


Der Sultan von Brunei lässt Homosexuelle steinigen und fordert dafür von der EU "Toleranz". Da drängt sich diese Frage eben auf. #extra3 #derirrsinnderwocheBild/Foto

Sie schreiben, dass es nicht unbedingt eine gute Idee ist, die Beete mit gekauften Pflanzen zu bestücken.
Vor drei Jahren haben ein Doktorand und ich in den großen Gartencentern rund um Brighton als bienenfreundlich gekennzeichnete Pflanzen gekauft: Zum Beispiel welche mit dem „Perfekt for Pollinators“-Logo der royal Horticultural Society. Da sie in riesigen Gewächshäusern herangezogen wurden, dachten wir uns schon, dass sie mit Pestiziden behandelt sein würden. Wir testeten sie und natürlich waren sie belastet. Fast jede Pflanze, die wir testeten, hatte ein oder mehrere Pestizide in sich. 70 Prozent enthielten Neonicotinoide, das ist ein Gift, das in enger Verbindung mit dem Bienensterben steht.

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Marxism is when the girls wear clothes.

And the more clothes they wear the more Marxist it is.

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

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Lol, people are getting weird ideas

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Copyright: Nintendo hat offenbar Super Mario Bros für C64 gestoppt #Nintendo #C64 #Commodore #DMCA #Emulator #SuperMario #Urheberrecht

Die deutsche Schauspielerin Hannelore Elsner ist am Ostersonntag im Alter von 76 Jahren gestorben. Familienanwalt Matthias Prinz bestätigte entsprechende Meldungen.

Wenn Baroness V. Drängler in ihrem umweltfreundlichen Luxus Hybrid-SUV ( Verbrauch: 9l/100km) über die Straßen rast, macht ihr so leicht kein Schwanz was vor. Das Gaspedal fest am Anschlag braust sie auf den Autobahnen vom Atlantik zum Ural und vom Mittelmeer bis zum Nordkap, um das wichtigste Anliegen aller Deutschen auf europäischer Ebene voranzubringen: freie Fahrt für freie Bürger. Sie fordert ein Mindesttempo von 180 km/h auf allen Straßen, damit keine alten Diesel- oder Benzingurken mehr den Weg versperren.
Dafür steht sie mit ihrem Namen auf Platz 18 der EU Liste von Die PARTEI.

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Hello Federation! Sorry I've been absent.

Bora Bora
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Such a really nice view & place @Dr. Cassone & welcome back..
Bora Bora is on my list of places I'm going to visit one day. :)

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When I was a student an 'anti-vaxer' was someone who bought Sparcstations.

Stonehenge explained.
#Stonehenge #boulder #move

Stonehenge Secrets? MIT’s 25-Ton Boulders Can Be Moved By Hand | Urbanist

Enormous monolithic structures weighing as much as 25 tons are tilted, rotated and wiggled across a room by a single person in a new experiment by researchers at MIT, giving us a look into how the process might have been carried out by ancient peoples. “Walking Assembly” uses concrete masonry units (CMUs) to demonstrate how ancient knowledge could still be used to this day “to better inform the transportation and assembly of future architectures,” the creators explain.
Stonehenge Secrets? MIT’s 25-Ton Boulders Can Be Moved By Hand

I firmly believe very few people want or should have #kids. The rest are pressured into it biologically or socially against their will or basic common sense.
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Agreed. I see no evidence of purpose to anything besides what we impose on things.
Lots of social pressure experienced here. Just this weekend, so many parents asking my wife and me: "Why don't you have kids?", "When will you finally be having kids?", "How can you live without kids?"

What if not having kids were not just a decision but a biological issue? How can people be so thoughtless to say this to someone they barely know?
Because "this is the way things should be". Sorry about that, stay strong about what you both really want.
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